Primate School

Primate School

Apps for Apes, our iPad enrichment program for apes in zoos and sanctuaries, is featured in a beautiful children’s book called Primate School by Jennifer Keats Curtis. Apes from Zoo Atlanta, Oakland Zoo, Lincoln Park Zoo and Nashville Zoo are also featured in the book.

We received a limited number of copies from the publisher and they are available for a donation of USD $30 for the hardcover and $20 for the softcover edition. This price includes shipping in the USA. For orders outside the US $15 will be added at time of purchase to cover international shipping costs. Sorry… Shipping prices are beyond our control.

The book is ideal for readers 6 years and older.

Gorillas using iPads, lemurs finger painting, squirrel monkeys blowing bubbles… these primates are pretty smart! Could you make the grade in Primate School? Learn how diverse the primate family is, and some of the ways humans are teaching new skills to their primate cousins. Author Jennifer Keats Curtis is once again working with organizations across the country to share fun facts about primates through this photo journal.

Animals in the book include: Allen’s swamp monkey, blue-eyed lemur, chimpanzee, François’ langur, golden lion tamarin, hamadryas baboon, red ruffed lemur, ring-tailed lemur, siamang, Sumatran orangutan, western lowland gorilla, white-cheeked gibbon, and squirrel monkey.

It’s so much more than a picture book . . . this book is specifically designed to be both a fun-to- read story and a launch pad for discussions and learning. We encourage adults to do the activities with the young children in their lives both at home and in the classroom. Free online resources and support at include:

For Creative Minds as seen in the book (in English & Spanish):

  • Primate or Not?
  • Endangered Species
  • Talk Like a Chimp
  • Enrichment

Teaching Activities (to do at home or school):

  • Reading Questions
  • Language Arts
  • Science
  • Math
  • Geography
  • Coloring Pages
  • Interactive Quizzes: Reading Comprehension, For Creative Minds, and Math Word Problems
  • English and Spanish Audiobooks
  • Related Websites
  • Aligned to State, Common Core & NGSS Standards
  • Accelerated Reader and Reading Counts! Quizzes
  • Lexile and Fountas & Pinnell Reading Levels

Primate School

Price: from $20.00
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